APICTA Awards Macau 2006

Joint Sweet Victory for HPB and Ecquaria for Healthcare at APICTA 2006 in Macau.

MACAU (10 Nov 2006) – Riding high on the wave of sweet victories for Ecquaria’s flagship product, Ecquaria Service-Oriented Platform™ (Ecquaria SOP™) and its customer, the Singapore Health Promotion Board (HPB) at Singapore’s National Industry Infocomm Award last month, HPB’s healthcare solution called SHAPE & IDEAS won the top award for healthcare at the Asia Pacific Infocomm Technology Awards (APICTA) 2006 in Macau, China.

Representing the Singapore contingent for the Healthcare category at APICTA, the Ecquaria SOP™ -empowered SHAPE & IDEAS system clinched top honour amidst tough competition from 178 nominations and16 member economies for 15 award categories.

Health Promotion Board’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Lam Pin Woon said, “HPB’s Student Health Assessment Programme (SHAPE) and Integrated Dental Electronic Assessment for Students (IDEAS) is an integrated patient-centric clinical management system for our school medical and dental service. SHAPE and IDEAS manages about one million medical, vision and dental screening records and captures 300,000 immunisation records annually. It has radically improved both clinical care and customer service as well as our front desk services, resulting in 50% savings in patient registration time. The system has also reduced administrative burden which has translated to cost-savings of, 6,500 man-days per year from manual preparation of treatment charts, compilation of work returns and appointment scheduling. “

The judges were convinced of the immense value impact and benefits SHAPE and IDEAS system implementation has brought for Singapore as well as for its potential for replication in the region at large.

Apart from serving as a major endorsement of the technical merits of the product as a trusted and proven software platform, the APICTA award also salutes the top-rate professionalism and deep-domain capability of Ecquaria’s Professional Services and Solutions practice.

Said Dr Foong Wai Keong, President and CEO, Ecquaria Technologies, “We would like to congratulate HPB for winning Asia Pacific’s top honour with regards Healthcare ICT deployments. The APICTA win puts HPB in the forefront of healthcare excellence with SHAPE and IDEAS. We are proud to be associated with this honour via our award-winning software platform, the Ecquaria SOP™, and are very pleased that the deep-domain capability of Ecquaria’s Professional Services and Solutions practice has been proven yet again through the implementation of what we believe to be Asia’s first and largest real-time integrated healthcare and dental care management system. We look forward to replicating this joint success in other healthcare related opportunities in Singapore and other parts of the world.”

The Asia Pacific ICT Alliance (APICTA) Awards is an annual event organized by member economies. Some of the 16 member economies include Australia, Brunei, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. Singapore will host the APICTA event next year. For more on APICTA, please refer to www.apicta.com


Student Health Assessment Programme (SHAPE) and Integrated Dental Electronic Assessment for Students (IDEAS) is a scalable and integrated patient-centric clinical management system for the medical and dental services provided by HPB. It serves as the main repository for school-based and clinic-based data. It is a large and complex service-oriented healthcare IT system, showcasing the best of breed real-time patient and case monitoring capabilities. SHAPE and IDEAS harnesses the power of Ecquaria Technologies’ flagship product, the Ecquaria Service-Oriented Platform (Ecquaria SOP) as the infrastructure that provides the business-friendly and process-oriented approach in the system.

The system allows real-time accessing and capturing of student records by more than 600 clinicians and field staff of HPB who are situated islandwide in more than 200 locations. Access to the system is through school and government networks and for some, through 3G wireless network. The system is also plugged into the national Electronic Medical Records Exchange (EMRX), to enable seamless sharing of clinic attendance information with healthcare providers in the public healthcare sector during patient visits.

The heart of the system is the ability to intelligently trigger off appropriate dedicated clinical care plans and workflows based on the Reason for Referral. The use of structured care plans, odontogram charting, treatment planning and treatment execution have facilitated data capture and provides a useful guided clinical approach to the management of the patient with the aim of enhancing clinical standards and quality of care for the patient. The design of these care plans and odontograms also facilitates the capture of structured data for analysis and research.

Real-time sharing of information among the various service stations, clinics and operatories, ready online retrieval of historical health information about students from the system, and an integrated appointment scheduling and queue management system have reduced dependencies on paper case records, improved waiting and consultation times and enhanced overall patient experience.

About Ecquaria Technologies

Ecquaria is a leading government and enterprise business platform provider that powers high-volume, business-critical government, healthcare, education, financial services and leisure applications for customers worldwide. The company’s flagship product is the Ecquaria Service-Oriented Platform™ (Ecquaria SOP™), a comprehensive standards-based, open-source friendly and award-winning infrastructure that pioneers an innovative process-oriented approach for secure, efficient and collaborative sharing of information, best processes, practices and consolidated assets.

Representing world-first innovations, Ecquaria SOP™’s real-time business intelligence framework and performance management enterprise capabilities empower organizations to gain strategic control of their business processes, enforce good organizational governance practices and service-delivery practices.

Ecquaria SOP™ also enables organizations to achieve scalability via rapid knowledge replication when using Ecquaria SOP™ to build, integrate, deploy, manage and replicate applications involving complex business processes and workflows.

Founded in 1998 with its headquarters in Singapore, Ecquaria has global presence, with offices in Singapore, China, and an expanding network of partners in Thailand, Philippines, Brunei, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Mexico and Africa to support the activities of its customers around the world. Ecquaria is an associate company of Frontline Technologies Corporation Limited.

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Established in 1993, we serve a wide base of customers in the transportation and logistics, telecommunications, financial services, education, manufacturing, healthcare and public sectors. We have been listed on the Main board of the Singapore Exchange since March 2001, and are ranked in the top 5% of the Corporate Transparency Index (CTI) in Singapore.

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