E-Government Award 2002

One of the first government-wide infrastructure in Southeast Asia, jointly designed and implemented by Ecquaria and Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) of Singapore, is selected for E-Government award.

Singapore (25 Jun 2002) -Ecquaria Limited (www.ecquaria.com), leader in Web Services infrastructure software and solutions, today announced that one of its customers, The Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) of Singapore, will receive the prestigious Explorer Award at the E-Gov 2002 show in Washington, DC today for successfully developing and implementing the Public Services Infrastructure (PSi) which provides the central background platform on which government electronic services are delivered efficiently and securely to the public.

The award recognizes organizations for delivering citizen-centric E-Government services based on improved quality, timeliness and accuracy of government services and higher overall citizen satisfaction.

PSi, jointly developed and implemented by Ecquaria in consultation with the Singapore Government based on the Government’s conceptualization of the system and its technical architecture, is a key initiative in Singapore’s E-Government Action Plan. It serves as the common infrastructure on which Government agencies or their appointed vendors could deploy robust and customer-centric government electronic services for use by citizens and business community. Previously, government agencies have diverse electronic services in different technologies and systems. Ecquaria assisted in designing and deploying PSi as a scalable component-based infrastructure platform for government agencies to provide efficient information-sharing and cross-checking between agencies. It is designed to deliver significant values to:

  • Enable inter-agency information sharing while adhering to infrastructure considerations
  • Enable different government agencies to share common components to develop electronic services
  • Reduce both incremental cost for implementation of electronic services and the time needed for design and development
  • Retain the flexibility to change business requirements in services easily and offers services via multiple concurrent channels

As a result of the successful development and implementation of the PSi, it is productized and commercialized by Ecquaria into the Ecquaria Service-Oriented Platform™ (Ecquaria SOP™). Designed to enable governments and enterprises to deliver customer-centric electronic services to internal or external users over a variety of channels, Ecquaria SOP™ provides ready and customizable features such as electronic payment, security, user profile management, electronic data exchange, multi-channel delivery, business process management, system management console and web services deployment wizard.

Ecquaria SOP™ is fully J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition) compliant and supports Web Services standards UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery and Integration), SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) and WSDL (Web Services Description Language).

It simplifies Web Services deployment and management for large-scale infrastructures and massive services deployment.

“It is evident that IDA’s commitment to Singapore’s E-Government vision has gained recognition from the E-Gov award committee for its thought leadership in the government’s use of information technology for interaction between the government, citizens and businesses. PSi has become the best practice for E-Government infrastructure. We are proud to be IDA’s technology partner and to help them achieve their strategic objectives,” said Mr Paul Leong, Vice President, Business Development, Ecquaria.

“Ecquaria SOP™, which is productized from PSi, has demonstrated that it is able to quickly deploy electronic services that integrates effortlessly and seamlessly with businesses and citizens. In fact, we are already seeing other governments who are interested to deploy Ecquaria SOP™ to power their E-Government initiatives,” added Mr Leong.

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