eASEAN Task Force Pilot Project Endorsement 2002

e-ASEAN Task Force endorsed Ecquaria’s proposal for an ASEAN collaborative infrastructure for service-oriented and citizen-centric services

Singapore (13th Dec 2002) -Ecquaria Limited (www.ecquaria.com), leader in enterprise software architecture, today announced endorsement of the company’s ASEAN Service Access Platform as an e-ASEAN Pilot Project by the e-ASEAN Task Force. The Task Force is the advisory body to ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) on the development of a broad and comprehensive action plan for an ASEAN e-space (or e-ASEAN) that will assist ASEAN’s 10 member countries to compete successfully in the global information economy. The e-ASEAN Task Force aims to use Information Technology and the Internet to speed up economic integration of member countries and help them to compete better. Towards this goal, the Task Force identifies pilot projects that could jump-start the initiative and show immediate benefits for the ASEAN community.

ASEAN Service Access Platform (ASAP) by Ecquaria is a collaborative infrastructure platform for any organization within ASEAN government agency or commercial enterprise to leverage on to build and launch customer-centric services that they wish to be made available to other ASEAN countries and the world. ASAP empowers all ASEAN member countries to collaborate across borders via a model of publishing and consuming services, whether informational or transactional, through syndication of services across member countries.

Individuals, enterprises and government agencies are able to consume the services built on ASAP. The consumers can be within ASEAN or outside of ASEAN. They will be able to obtain “one-stop” services through ASAP and thus enabling collaboration across intra-regional disparities. The availability of ASAP services to countries outside of ASEAN will help to improve the region’s competitiveness as a whole, which, in turn, encourages trading within member countries, between ASEAN member countries, and with the rest of the world.

For example, a travel-related government agency in Thailand can syndicate services from hotels and airlines to present a single front to travellers to Phuket. When a visitor uses the services of the government agency, the traveler is able to plan his itinerary by gathering information about Phuket, visa requirements, checking hotel rates and vacancies, flight costs, etc., and confirm his itinerary within a single experience.

As an open platform based on Web Services technology, ASAP will have the best practices for service management built-in. These best practices, gathered from Ecquaria’s experience with top electronic governments and businesses, will help governments, businesses and consumers to access customer-centric services that are personalized to them and built through syndicating supporting services.

The next step in the endorsement of ASAP by Ecquaria is a closer collaboration with the e-ASEAN Task Force on the specifics of implementation in the future.

e-ASEAN pilot projects are selected based on 6 principles:

  • Bridge the digital divide between ASEAN countries through human resources development and/or technology transfer.
  • Based on best practices. For ASEAN to move ahead, its projects must be based on the pitfalls and successes of systems and solutions that have already been deployed.
  • Based on open standards to avoid being locked into any technological fields and to benefit from the fast pace of improvements, efficiencies, and advancements in technology.
  • Not technologically-dependent so as to be able to operate under the different levels of technological preparation that exist in ASEAN.
  • Push the technology envelope through promotion of important research and development work and the provision of innovative e-commerce solutions or business models.
  • Contribute towards the strengthening of institutions and capacities that facilitate e-commerce in ASEAN member countries.

“The e-ASEAN Task Force takes a coordinated approach in implementing the action plan for achieving e-ASEAN. Towards this goal, pilot projects that demonstrate concretely the benefits that it can bring to the citizens and businesses in ASEAN are endorsed,” said Emmanuel C. Lallana, Executive Director, e-ASEAN Task Force.

“Internationally, the digital divide is evident in many countries in the world. With our successes in EGovernment in Singapore and with the World Bank in Mexico, Ecquaria will continue to support both public and private initiatives to help countries cross the digital divide to reap improved economic opportunities,” said Paul Leong, Vice President of Business Development, Ecquaria.

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