Founding member of the Oasis-Framework for Web Services Implementation 2003

Singapore To Lead In Setting Global Standards For Web Services

Singapore (29 Sep 2003) – By 2004, Web Services companies around the world will benefit from an international Web Services standard created by Singapore. Singapore is the first Asian country to partner with OASIS, an international standards consortium, to lead in creating an international Web Services standard. For a start, the standards work will be done by a 15-member body called the “OASIS Framework for Web Services Implementation (FWSI) Technical Committee”.

The founding members of the OASIS FWSI Technical Committee comprises co-chairs, IDA and the Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech), a secretariat, the Information Technology Standards Committee (iTSC), as well as six local companies, Crimson Logic, Ecquaria, EG Innovations, ESS Software, ReadiMinds and Singapore Computer Systems. They will be joined by three MNCs, Sun Microsystems, NEC and Yellow Dragon, two international e-business consortia, RosettaNet and CommerceNet, and a research institution, the Centre for E-Commerce Infrastructure Development (CEDID) at the University of Hong Kong.

“We are very pleased that the OASIS FWSI Technical Committee is being launched in Singapore,” said Patrick Gannon, president and CEO of OASIS during a visit here. “We value IDA’s foresight and initiative in identifying critical business application issues. The work of the OASIS FWSI TC will help to enable Web Services and Service Oriented Architectures to be more rapidly implemented in eCommerce applications around the world,” he added.

“Singapore’s leadership in helping to set global standards in Web Services represents the coming-of-age of the local infocomm industry. By collaborating with OASIS on standards development, local Web Services companies can gain from knowledge exchange with MNCs and other global companies. This will give them a competive edge in the global Web Services market.” said Mrs. Tan Ching Yee, Chief Executive Officer, IDA.

The new standard will help companies accelerate Web Services implementation and adoption while generating revenue growth. From working in the OASIS FWSI Technical Committee, the six local companies can raise the international profiles of their products and services and through this, aim to generate as much as S$36m in revenue over the next two years.

To kick-start the standards work, OASIS has issued a Call-for-Participation to its more than 600 global member companies and individuals to join IDA and others, in the OASIS FWSI Technical Committee. The broad-based participation ensures that the standard, when completed by September 2004, is accepted and implemented by the global electronic commerce industry. Singapore aims to increase business adoption of Web services from 8 to 20 percent over the next three years under the WEAVE (Web Services Add Value to Enterprises) programme launched by IDA in May 2003 to spur Web Services developments in Singapore.

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