FutureGov Singapore Awards 2015

Judges, lawyers and law enforcing officers can now simultaneously access criminal case files, anywhere and everywhere with the Integrated Criminal Case Filing and Management System (ICMS). The 100% browser-based system, developed by The State Courts of Singapore and Ecquaria, provides a convenient yet secure case-management process, revolutionising the Singapore criminal justice system. It brings no surprise that the State Courts bagged the FutureGov Singapore 2015 in the E-Government category with the deployment of ICMS.

FutureGov Awards have been celebrating public service excellence since 2007 and E-Government is one of the award categories. The award was conferred in recognition of the State Courts’ vision and efforts in technology deployment with ICMS. Ecquaria is pleased to be the technology solutions partner for the State Courts in support of their vision for a world class, paperless courts.

The commissioning of ICMS realises the vision by replacing the paper-based process which was described as “highly resource intensive” and “sometimes error-prone” by the Presiding Judge of the State Courts See Kee Oon. ICMS provides a common platform for the filing of criminal cases online, removing the need to physically file the cases. It brings about savings on storage space, physical filing and retrieval time.

The efficiency that ICMS brings about is not limited to the State Courts. The multi-agency system extends the environmental friendly case management approach to more than 30 agencies and 400 law firms, providing simultaneous access to case-related documents to all authorized personnels. By allowing the law firms, agencies and the courts to simultaneously access the case documents in a centralised platform, ICMS eradicates duplications in court files and IT systems.

As Presiding Judge See Kee Oon has mentioned, “the system yields significant time and resources savings”, making ICMS a popular system with 33.4 GB of documents being filed in 3 months. It is no wonder that the State Courts were awarded the FutureGov award within 2 months of ICMS launch.

Developing a system that won the FutureGov (E-Government) award is especially meaningful for a company like Ecquaria that focuses on E-Government solutions. The award is a confirmation to Ecquaria’s expertise in delivering innovative solutions that encourage public service excellence. Think E-Government. Think Ecquaria.

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