ZDNet Asia Smart 50 2006

Ecquaria’s customer, Ministry of Trade and Industry recognised as ZDNet Asia Smart 50

Singapore’s one-stop licensing service for businesses operating in Singapore called the Online Business Licensing Service (OBLS) has been recognized by ZDNet Asia as a Smart 50 award winner.

This adds to its existing string of global accolades garnered by Singapore’s Ministry of Trade and Industry for its online business service initiative launched in January 2004. OBLS was created to foster a pro-enterprise environment and better customer service for businesses in Singapore.

Before OBLS, budding entrepreneurs faced a lot of difficulties in the process of starting new businesses in Singapore when applying for their licenses. The silo approach of the various agencies offering licensing services with disparate structures, processes and service standards, created a bureaucratic maze which left businessmen confused and frustrated.

Thanks to OBLS, business startups now find it a breeze to check what licenses they need, then apply, renew or terminate as well as pay online all via a one-stop portal. About 260 business licenses that are issued by more than 30 government agencies in Singapore can be found in OBLS. It currently offers 71 business licenses from 19 government agencies, serving the needs of more than 80 percent of startup businesses in Singapore.

OBLS is designed and developed by Singapore e-Government infrastructure leader, Ecquaria Technologies based on the Ecquaria Service-Oriented Platform™ (Ecquaria SOP™).

The acclaimed OBLS is backed by a stellar record that includes the prestigious United Nations Public Service Award 2005, The Enterprise Challenge Award 2006 as well as Laureate by the IDG Computerworld Honors Program 2007.

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