Flexible Administration of Societies Enabled with iROSES2 Launch

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Public can now submit their new society applications within 20 minutes using the new Integrated Registry of Societies Electronic System (iROSES2). Developed for the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) of Singapore, iROSES2 enables flexible administration of the Societies by the Registry of Societies (ROS).

Built on the Ecquaria E-Government Platform (EGP), the system leverages Ecquaria’s eclectic experience in registration and licensing to provide easy management of societies for both the government and public. The commissioning of iROSES2 addresses challenges previously faced by ROS.

Effortless Management of Complex Workflows

The growing number of society types results in numerous different regulations and tasks. To manage the comprehensive set of rules configuration, iROSES2 incorporates an extensive set of customised rules that is predefined by ROS to automate the societies regulation process.

iROSES2 eliminates most manual processes that were required in the previous system. Using the customisable process flows in EGP, the system streamlines the entire process, from application submission to the backend approval. Part of this process includes system generated emails at different stages of the workflow. iROSES2 automatically extracts the relevant details and incorporates them into the customised contents of the system generated emails. This system generated emails automatically reminds societies to complete the various submissions based on the regulations and deadline.

To further ease the workload of the agency officers, an image comparison plugin is integrated to compare logos from the various applications with the current society logos. This aids the new applications and helps maintain the current database of registered societies.

Quick Adaptation to Policy Changes

ROS can adapt quickly to policy changes with business agility that EGP provides. The e-services configuration module empowers the ROS officers with control over processing and activation setup for an e-service. This flexibility caters for possible changes in the system, allowing end users to easily switch off/on modules or make certain modules available only to selected societies.

The highly flexible administrative settings of iROSES2 also enables administrators to configure the entire workflow process. ROS is not confined to the workflow processes that are currently in place, allowing quick adaptation to policy changes – delivering efficient service to the public in a timely fashion.

Simple and Efficient Transactions with ROS

Complete with a suite of 25 e-services, iROSES2 allows public and external agencies to transact easily with ROS. The front-end portal is highly intuitive and is complete with an e-service tracker where individuals can keep track of all e-service transactions they have with the agency. With the e-service tracker, status tracking and follow-up actions are a breeze.

The successful commissioning of iROSES2 provides convenient access to societies information and transactions. Interfacing with various systems, iROSES2 extracts data from government agencies whenever possible, making transactions with ROS simple, fast and accurate.

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