Laying The Groundwork For Intelligent Customs Operations

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On 1st October 2015, Integrated Criminal Case Filing and Management System (ICMS) won State Courts the “Best Innovative Use of Infocomm Technology for Public Sector” category of the SiTF Awards. In the same month, Ecquaria was awarded Singapore Customs’ New Trade Statistics System (TSS).

The goal of the new system includes enhancing the overall process of trade data collection and processing, identification of outliers, verification and correction of trade data, aggregation and transmission of trade data to International Enterprise (IE) Singapore and the Department of Statistics (DOS).

Ensuring Data Accuracy 

Statistics on the international trade of goods are analysed and used extensively by decision makers at an international and national level. Institutions use them to prepare for multilateral and bilateral trade negotiations. Businesses use trade data for market research and to craft their commercial strategies.

The new system, for which Ecquaria will serve as systems integrator, will bring her years of experience and capabilities in building mission critical E-Government systems to help Singapore Customs modernise its statistical system and structure to ensure data accuracy. The system will be built on enterprise solutions and Business Intelligence Software on Singapore Customs Smart Architecture.

Empowerment Through Analytics

The design of the new TSS includes the capability of Data Trend Analysis based on QlikView. QlikView is a leader in Business Discovery – user-driven Business Intelligence (BI) – which prides itself in enabling business users to interact with data through its dynamic and rich visualisation.

Using QlikView, authorities will be able to monitor and gain insights to Customs trade operations through a single view, while Analyst can access to trade information by drilling in. Business users are empowered to ask and answer questions on their own and in their teams, forging new paths to Trade insight and decision without going back to Information Technology (IT).

Ecquaria is among the leading companies working with the Singapore government to help ministries and agencies deploy and upgrade enterprise systems and best-in-class business capabilities. With this win, Ecquaria will assist Singapore Customs to advance Singapore’s economy by assuring the integrity of the trading system.

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