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6th Feb 2015 was the official launch of the Integrated Criminal Case Filing and Management System (ICMS) by Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon, at the State Courts. The partnership between the State Courts and Ecquaria began in March 2012, when Ecquaria won the 38 million dollar project, reinforcing Ecquaria’s reputation as an expert in the area of e-judiciary.

In his opening speech, Presiding Judge of the State Courts See Kee Oon noted the importance of the “timely development and deployment of ICMS” being viewed through “the larger lens of judicial reform.” In line with Singapore’s efforts to take full advantage of information technologies to become a smart nation, the State Courts envisioned the court processes to be 100% browser-based and paperless. Partnering with Ecquaria, this vision is now reality with ICMS.

Timely delivery across 2 years

Reforming of the judicial system is more than building a system. It involves agencies and law firms beyond the State courts. Implemented across 2 years, ICMS is delivered in 4 phases to ensure smooth delivery and change management.

Phase 1A saw ICMS being rolled out to the major stakeholders like the State Courts, Attorney-General’s Chamber (AGC) and various divisions of the Singapore Police Force (SPF) like the Criminal Investigation Department (CID). ICMS was also integrated with Singapore Prisons Service. Phase 1B transformed the heavily paper-based system to a paperless one for the remaining SPF land divisions and 400 law firms. This highly mobile system, accessible anytime and anywhere, is extended to 23 major agencies including the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and Energy Market Authority (EMA) in Phase 2A. Delivered as per intended schedule, the final phase – Phase 2B extends case filing and management to the Coroners Court, Magistrates Complaints, Care and Protection Order (CPO), and Beyond Parental Control (BPC).

With the fully commissioned ICMS, the multi-agency platform is now available to 30 agencies and 400 law firms, incorporating 10 internal IT systems. With that, the entire case lifecycle is electronized, starting from case registration from the agencies.

Popular System that Saves Time & Resources

ICMS saves time and resources, as highlighted by the Presiding Judge See Kee Oon during the launch, “The system yields significant time and resource savings. Duplication of entries in court files and IT systems can be eliminated or minimised.” It removes the need for physical submission of documents, providing instant simultaneous access to case-related documents to all authorized personnel. The mobile friendly ICMS allows documents to be accessed on tablet, even during physical proceedings. ICMS revolutionizes court processes, saving on physical filing and retrieval time and removing the need for physical storage, making it a green system.

The success and popularity of ICMS is evident, as it replaces the paper-based process which is described as “highly resource-intensive” and “sometimes error-prone” by the Presiding Judge See Kee Oon. Even before the full rollout, there have already been 12,268 cases filed and 8,725 cases being disposed with ICMS in 2014. With 33.34 GB of documents filed in a mere 3 months, the amount of storage space and trees saved is tremendous.

Ecquaria is honoured to have the opportunity to help the State Courts move towards perfection by integrating all the various court processes in one unique system. “It is definitely a confirmation to us at Ecquaria” says Dr Foong Wai Keong, CEO of Ecquaria Technologies. Acknowledging the efforts of the Ecquaria team, battling against highly complex and stringent requirements together with a tight schedule, Dr Foong highlighted “I’m pleased to announce the successful launch of ICMS despite the tight schedule of the project. The team has once again gone against all odds with their full commitment to the project, even going out of the way to provide clarity by producing a detailed working prototype.” With this, the criminal justice system of Singapore is now modernized.

For more information on the how the criminal justice system of Singapore is modernized with the ICMS, please watch the ICMS Launch Video.

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