Ensuring the availability of suitably qualified, skilled and energetic employees is one of the most significant workforce challenges that governments globally are facing. It is crucial to be prepared for the ‘new economy’, which relies on better generic skills so that workers can more rapidly adapt to new demands and renewed efforts to improve the use of skills in the workplace.

The economy of today reflects the vast contribution of resources that was built on established references and best practices from the public and private sectors, which were used in the development process.

Ecquaria Technologies has partnered with Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) to develop and link functional IT platform to training organizations to employees. The platform integrates the concepts for workforce perspectives, to empower professional development and workforce management initiatives, delivering potential benefits for our economy.

Right fundamentals to enhance our workforce framework

  • Through these well-defined structured platforms, it identifies the broader impact and influence in the field of workforce development.
  • Articulate outcome analyses that generates higher employment stability.
  • Promote uniform competency guidelines to increase the overall efficiency of education, training, and professional development.
  • Provide a guideline towards training centres to facilitate cost-effective professional development of the workforce, including future skills training and certifications.
  • Training centres do not need to work independently in a silo fashion.
  • Incorporate closer engagement between Training centres and business employers.

Workforce Projects

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